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The annals of the Internet are an endless source of information for dieters. Plenty of it is valuable, but a huge percentage is poorly-researched nonsense with no basis in the realities of weight loss.

So how, in a world in which a simple Google search for “online diet program” returns 142,000,000 results, do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How can you and other dedicated dieters find the online diet program that’s right for you?

Start with the basics:

Choose a few programs that caught your eye, and start researching them in more depth. Ask questions like:

When you’ve narrowed down your options, consider consulting your doctor. Make sure that the program is A) Safe, B) Likely to be effective, and C) Compatible with your unique physiology and any health issues you may have.

Lastly, ask yourself this very important question: Am I excited about it? A diet program that doesn’t send your enthusiasm into overdrive isn’t a diet program you’ll stick with.

When all of these requirements are met, you’ve found the online diet program that’s right for you.

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