Going on a diet is easy. Staying on a diet is hard.

A diet program is not for the feint of heart or the easily discouraged. It requires commitment, perseverance, enthusiasm, and a level of willpower that can seem almost supernatural at times. And above all, a diet requires a strong foundation.

“A strong foundation” for a diet is not bricks or concrete – it’s the dedication that comes from motivation, excitement, and resolution. If your head’s not totally in the game, it’s unlikely that you’ll reach your dieting goals. But if you’ve laid the mental groundwork for weight loss success, the dieting world is your oyster (which is great, because oysters are healthy in all kinds of ways).

 To determine if you’re ready to take on a diet program, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I truly committed? Most of us wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds here and there, but only a few of us are really committed to making it happen. How real is the goal of weight loss for you? Is it a passing whim, or a genuine passion? Only someone who fits into the latter category will stick with a diet plan.
  • Have I researched my options? If you haven’t even committed to fully researching the different diet and fitness plans available to you, you probably aren’t ready to commit to the program itself. Figure out exactly what you want out of a diet plan, and find the one that fits your needs and goals best. Comparison shopping is always a good idea.
  • Do I have the support I need? You probably won’t be eating any pieces of cake on your diet, and your diet won’t be a piece of cake either. When the going gets tough, will you have the encouragement you’ll need to keep going? A supportive partner? A friend with similar fitness goals? A coach or personal trainer? An online community?
  • What are my goals? The more tangible and concrete your goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them. What is your motivation? Are you looking to drop a dress size? Prepare for summer on the beach? Increase your energy? Improve your health in the long-term? Write your answers down and consult them for inspiration as you progress through the program.

The only thing standing in the way of your dieting goals is you. Lay the mental groundwork for weight loss success, and half the battle is already won.

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