FABLETICS is the worst company

5 years 10 months ago #379 by Susan
FABLETICS is the worst company was created by Susan
I have been dealing with Fabletics for the last 2 months. I should have listen to my gut when I first signed up. If you like hidden charges, customer service lying to you and and non-refundable charges for incorrect orders then by all means sign up.

If you enter your credit card information into the website like I did then be prepared to spend hours calling and talking to customer service to try and cancel your account. All the reps try to do is use scripted sugar-coated responses to attempt to tray and calm angry consumers like me. They have no real authority to correct or reverse any charges.
5 days 15 hours ago #1639 by Anonymous
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Fabletics is set up to screw people out of $60 every month, including what they can entice u to spend on clothing that I will assume must be better than anything on the market for those prices. I was disgusted when I spent so much time finding what I want then seeing at the very end that they wanted me to agree to pay an additional $60 per month! How is that a bargain? It's just another scan to take our money!
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