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Written by Lional
July 07, 2017
Ink Dried Up
Did you try calling 123inkjets customer service?I had a cartridge that didn't work and they sent me a new one right away. They have a 2 year guarantee on all of their products.
Red Written by Red
June 05, 2017
My review of
 I agree with what you said and I really like the styles, colors, and patterns Fabletics offers as well. 
Written by Reco
March 06, 2017
BlueHost is Slow!!!
I haven't found the servers slow at all and I have been using Bluehost for 2 years now!
Jessica Written by Jessica
May 26, 2016
Review of Glasses USA
I thought the virtual try on was okay. Nothing beats seeing the real pair of glasses on your face though. At least Glasses USA has a decent return policy if you don't like what you ordered.
Liz Written by Liz
May 10, 2016
I agree. Great prices I save almost 50% on my orders than with my eye doctor.
Sword Written by Sword
March 20, 2016
Beachbody On Demand Review
I guess you could if you really wanted to but you would need multiple credit cards as a credit card is required for the 30 day free trial. You have to cancel the membership before the 30 days or they go ahead and activate the Beachbody subscription. It's actually not a bad price and better than other fitness streaming services like Daily Burn in my opinion.It's not something I would do though as the price is already pretty cheap and not worth the hassle.
Nice Guy Written by Nice Guy
March 17, 2016
STD Check Reviews
Yeah I used STD Check as well. I thought it was a little expensive but from ordering to getting your results is quick and easy to do. If you are worried about having an STD like I was the 200 bucks was the last thing on my mind.
Tom Written by Tom
February 26, 2016
Vistaprint Review
Hi Star Writer,

We haven't ordered a whole lot from VistaPrint since we haven't had the need being an online business but I did check with a few local companies to us we know who have.

One company who has used them for close to 4 years as had the odd printing issue with VistaPrint. They tell me that it is less issues than with the printer they have used before and VistaPrint has always fixed the problem as quickly as possible without any extra cost.

VistaPrint does have their Guarantee which means if you are not 100% satisfied you can get a reprint or a refund.
Star Writer Written by Star Writer
February 26, 2016
Vistaprint Review
Have you guys had any order problems with Vista print? I just placed my first order with them for some business cards and they came within the week with out any problems.

It is the first time for me to order my printed materials online so I started out small. While it is cheaper I worry if there are any problems I will be stuck with a useless shipment.
Sally Written by Sally
January 06, 2016
Beachbody On Demand Review
Do you know if you can you sign up for multiple free trials of beachbody on demand? Can I just use multiple email addresses?
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