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I need some new glasses. Does anyone know which place is better? or Both have similar selection of frames and the prices seem the same somewhat but what about returns if you don't like what you picked out and guarantee? Which has the better sales?

I am a first time buyer of glasses online so I don't want to get screwed.
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I never looked at but I did use Glasses USA recently. I love the frames I picked out. They suit my face very well. I do recommend you check the measurements of your old frames to make sure the new ones you like will fit your face.

The price was much cheaper than my eye doctor's clinic and comparable with Frames Direct. The reason I went with Glasses USA was the selection.

Quality is good and the glasses where shipped within the week of ordering.
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Glasses usa will take a month or more to send you your new pair and prices end up being more than costco or walmart.
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When I received the eyeglasses from GlassesUSA, it was shocking how bad they were.

In a miserable attempt to contact someone to return the glasses, I spent over an hour trying to reach a human being. The phone number just sent a text link to my phone. This text link led me to an annoying questionnaire which eventually led me to a useless “Sales” page. From there, there was no clear way to get help except a tiny inconspicuous Help button at the top of the page. The Help button led me back through the same questionnaire loop and eventually to the same Sales page.

The “Chat” option just sent me back through the same miserable loop again and again.

I somehow got the idea to paste “customer care” into the Chat box over and over and over and somehow a live person eventually became available in Chat who promised that someone would contact me within two days. After a week passed and no response, I finally went to UPS and sent the glasses back myself. I then contacted my credit card company to see about getting help for a refund.
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