STD Glossary

A glossary of definitions for Sexual Transmitted Diseases and related terms and phrases. Other definitions may apply in different circumstances but are not included.

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Flexible Spending Account

Is set up by your employer. They own the account, but you get to decide which qualified medical expenses to pay for with your FSA. It works with most of PPO employer-sponsored health plans.

Abbreviation(s): FSA

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Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Is a benefit fund set up by your employer. They contribute a certain amount of money each year for you to use for medical expenses not covered by your health plan, such as deductibles or coinsurance.

Abbreviation(s): HRA

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Health Savings Account

Is like a 401(k) retirement account, but it's for medical expenses. You can only have an HSA if you enroll in an HSA-compatible health plan.

Abbreviation(s): HSA

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Sexual Transmitted Diease

Any of various diseases or infections (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and herpes) that are usually transmitted by direct sexual contact and which include some (as hepatitis B and HIV) that may be contracted by other than sexual means.

Also known as Sexual Transmitted Infections.

Abbreviation(s): STD, STI

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