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As I am 5th generation in Australia to carry the Prussian surname, I discovered that only a small percentage of me was East European. I was ecstatic to find that I am over 50% British (mainly because I could easily research UK and because of this I found that I have 2 Convicts in the family tree plus a free person arriving on the 2nd fleet when Sydney Australia was 1 Year old. (definitely an Aussie! :))

Just recently, i received an email from Ancestry with an update of my DNA and now know that the Eastern European side has been broken down again with someone coming from Lithuania.  I have now confirmed this with my research of an ancestor's christening record.   

Also, I completed the surveys that were emailed to me which as I understand, were looking for the next step; genetic makeup in regards to personality traits and physical attributes EG: short fat toes... etc.  After sighting photos of a family member from 1840's I've learnt that I have his eyelids and he looks remarkably like my brother and my son.

My biggest take knowing this information is, I now know my roots and where I am from.

 I am absolutely loving the journey of discovery so happy to help with any further research.
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