Fall Season Health Routines

Feeling a little tired and bloated from the summer? It’s only natural that we tend to get lazy with our fitness routines when warm weather rolls around. For one, it can be quite hot and humid, and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Also, it’s easy to indulge in alcohol and junk food while we lounge by the pool or go on vacation, pushing our good dieting habits to the side.

Well, October is here and it’s time to jump start your health routine, or maybe create a brand new one. Following are five easy ways to get started:

Drink green smoothies.

There’s nothing more refreshing and healthy first thing in the morning than a green smoothie. Nutritionists swear by this, especially because as the day wears on, we tend to make fewer healthy choices, and we might not get in all of our vegetables. So this fall, buy some local fresh greens from your grocery store, including spinach, kale, romaine, and celery, and add some fruit of your choice to the blender to sweeten it up. There are tons of delicious recipes online, or you can create your own.

Do morning stretches.

As the weather cools down, it might be harder to get moving in the morning. Joints and muscles stiffen while sleeping, so the best way to gently rise and get your body moving is by doing a few stretches. I suggest starting with gentle neck and shoulder rolls, and some leg lifts as you lie on your back to get the blood flowing. You can also invest in a foam roller or band to help hold or deepen the stretch. There are plenty of online fitness resources to find what works for you.

Drink more water.

Often, we get hungry when we’re dehydrated. Instead of looking for a snack, try drinking a glass of water first and see how you feel. The goal is about 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated, and more if you are working out. If you hate the idea of drinking plain water, add a little lemon or lime juice to spice it up.

Buy a pair of weights.

Lifting weights is healthy for your bones and muscles, especially as you age. Plus, they are easy to incorporate into your normal routine. You can lift weights as you watch TV or listen to podcasts, or even as you talk on the phone. Just a few minutes of weight lifting a day could make a huge difference.

Add a little extra movement during the day.

Do you sit at a desk all day? Research has shown that it’s best if you take a little break every hour and do some stretches or take a walk. Instead of your afternoon coffee break, opt for a quick walk around the block, or do a yoga class during lunch. There are many ways to incorporate a little more movement into your day, even if you just stand at your desk at stretch.