Wedding invitations from vistaprint

4 years 1 month ago #26 by Mel
I am thinking about ordering my wedding invitations from vistaprint.

When you ordered does vistaprint send you the traditional invitation set? Does it come with envelopes and return cards?

How is the quality compared to the price and how did the design process go on their website?

Basically where you happy with the whole process?
4 years 1 month ago #29 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Wedding invitations from vistaprint
Everything comes with envelopes but you do have to order the return or response cards separately. Still, for the price it is a very good deal.

I had no problems when I ordered my invitations. I designed them using an existing vista print template they had online. I even had to call customer service after I placed the order since I realized the address was incorrect (of all things :P ). I called within 3 hours and they were able to correct it and change the address.

It is also worth searching the internet or for coupons. I found a groupon deal for invitations at vistaprint that saved me a lot of money. For 120 invitations and response cards I spent just under $200.

Because of the quality of the cards I also ended up ordering matching menus and table cards.
4 years 1 month ago #30 by Reco Stuff
Replied by Reco Stuff on topic Wedding invitations from vistaprint
I've used VistaPrint before a few times and have what I would call a neutral opinion. I originally ordered the sample pack from I wasn't overly impressed with the design, paper, and the print quality was only okay in my opinion.

Since their prices are good I did end up ordering business cards and magnets from them. With my own design I liked the printed materials a lot better but I would still peg the quality as just above average. If you are not too invested and want a cheap price and it is a casual event I would use VistaPrint. If it is a wedding I would think twice.

It is your call.
4 years 1 month ago #31 by Cat
Replied by Cat on topic Wedding invitations from vistaprint
I've used Vistaprint for both my wedding and baby shower and have been happy. With the wedding invitations I also splurged and ordered extra response envelopes that had a pretty design on them and our return address, much easier than writing out 150 envelopes. For the large envelopes I ordered stickers that I customized with our names and wedding date. I used these to seal the envelopes and it added a nice touch.

I am not sure why people complained about print quality as ours was excellent and with the paper you can choose better quality stuff if you want. I also like how you can specify to print on both sides of a card. We ordered business cards from them and used them as our directions cards and did this. Our whole wedding invitation set was pretty sharp once it was all finished.
4 years 1 month ago #32 by Ruth
Replied by Ruth on topic Wedding invitations from vistaprint
I was pretty happy as well with Vistaprint when we used them for our wedding invites. My future husband at the time (we have been married now for 2 years now) is a graphic designer so he deals with printers. For the invitations he said Vistaprint is the way to go in terms of the quality and the price.

He spent close to 2 weeks after work designing the invites and return cards. We had several redesigns because I kept changing my mind on a few things. I think he was glad when we had finished them. ;)

One thing I recommend is you need to review every part of your cards before you approve them. This includes graphics, images, fonts, spelling, alignment, and colors. I would wait a day to clear your mind and give your self a break. I am glad we did as we found one font mistake (it was slightly different than the others) and 2 of the colors where slightly off.
3 years 5 months ago #210 by Ann Bell
Replied by Ann Bell on topic Wedding invitations from vistaprint
Good to see some positive reviews. I am looking into wedding invitations and I am shocked at the prices at the local print shops. I have just started looking online and am surprised at the wide range of options available... and I am a bit overwhelmed right now.

Good thing I am starting early in this whole process and have about 6 months before I actually need to send the invitations out.

Has anyone used another printer beside Vistaprint? just wondering if there is a comparable service so I can check other online prices.
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