Blue Apron partners with Weight Watchers

Blue Apron announced in January that it has partnered with Weight Watchers to offer a WW Freestyle menu to its customers. The stock market responded and Blue Apron saw a surge in its value shortly after the news, but investors still remain cautious.

According to a company press release, Blue Apron customers will be offered a rotating selection of recipes weekly that are “inspired by the WW Freestyle program.” The Blue Apron team designed the recipes in collaboration with WW nutrition experts to bring healthy options to its customers. The recipes will be trackable through the WW app, and each recipe will display its SmartPoints value per serving. (Servings include pre-proportioned ingredients designed for two people.)

“We’ve placed an emphasis on diverse cuisines, specialty ingredients and unique flavors,” Blue Apron’s website says. It also notes that the WW Freestyle Menu includes meals that have as few as four SmartPoints, a draw for WW customers looking to meet their weekly point goals.

The first six meals were listed in the company press release, including Chipotle Sweet Potato Chili with Avocado and Cotija Cheese, Togarashi Tilapia, and a Za'atar Chicken Bowl with Creamy Mustard Dressing.

WW recently revamped its SmartPoints system to expand its zero points allowance from just fruits and vegetables to over 200 foods, attracting new customers who were looking for a more flexible points system. The weight loss giant has also gone through an effective rebranding campaign to focus on its digital platform and engaging its members both online and offline. The Blue Apron partnership continues this effort by offering multiple “touch points” for customers, including digital, mobile and offline platforms.

The new deal is structured so that Blue Apron pays a fee to Weight Watchers for each subscriber that joins as a result of the partnership. Blue Apron gets the benefit of the WW brand for its offerings, some much-needed publicity in light of Blue Apron’s stock value decline and cuts to its marketing budget.

Blue Apron has struggled in recent months, with shares now offered at less than a dollar. The stock is down 77 percent after premiering at $10 per share in the summer of 2017, and if it stays below $1 per share for more than thirty consecutive days, it runs the risk of being delisted, according to CNBC.

Blue Apron goes on to say of the partnership: “We’re partnering with WW because we believe their purpose to inspire healthy habits for real life aligns perfectly with our mission to make incredible home cooking accessible for everyone.”