Daily Burn Spartan Fit

The popular online exercise program Daily Burn has expanded their course offerings to include a new service for customers called Spartan Fit.

The inspiration behind Daily Burn’s Spartan Fit is based on the obstacle course called the Spartan Race. The Spartan Race is a hodgepodge of challenges, and can include anything from gritty courses filled with mud to hills and obstacles like the barbed wire crawl and rope climb, aimed to train its customers to be able to handle any fitness challenge.

“There’s always something new to surprise you — that’s the beauty of the sport,” said Kevin Donoghue, Spartan SGX coach and head trainer for the Daily Burn Spartan program. “Even if it’s the same course, it changes from day to day.”

The Daily Burn Spartan Program offers six weeks of workouts to prepare your body for the Spartan Race, or even if you don’t participate in the race, to strengthen muscles such as arms, shoulders and core as well as to improve your endurance so you feel incredibly fit, strong, and healthy.

Each workout focuses on building strength and stamina through rigging obstacles. For example, rope climbs improve shoulder mobility and grip strength, and you can get your heart rate up and build core strength with obstacles like crab walks, bear crawls and Spiderman push-ups. You’ll also work up to conquering traverses and the Hercules Hoist (a Spartan Race goal), which really works your core.

In Donoghue’s promo video for Spartan Fit, he states that minimal equipment is needed, just a resistance band, a box, a dowl, and three different sized weights.

The Daily Burn Spartan Program is broken down into two phases:

Phase One

Whatever your fitness level, the first two weeks are dedicated to helping you build a solid fitness base. It includes workouts three days per week, which focus on muscular strength and endurance to get you ready to do heavy lifting and extended cardio sessions.

Phase Two

This is where the intensity really kicks in. This portion of the program spans four weeks, with workouts scheduled four days a week. Designed to help improve your power, you will take exercises from the first two weeks and build on them, improving your endurance, strength, and agility. You’ll be lifting heavier weights and lots of cardio.

There are also three variations of the program, depending on your goals as well as current fitness level. For beginners, there’s Sprint (a race that covers about three miles and 20 obstacles), for intermediate athletes, there’s Super (approximately eight miles, 25 obstacles) and for the advanced and hard core trainees, there’s Beast, which typically covers more than 26 miles and 60 obstacles.

The Daily Burn Spartan Program is available to all Daily Burn subscribers.