GoDaddy Investor App

Domain names are a valuable commodity these days, especially with companies interested in branding themselves clearly. A company with a website using a corresponding URL address makes all the difference to consumers looking to buy a product - it creates a more unified and professional approach. People who deal in the business of buying domain names in the hopes of selling them in the future for a hefty price go to services like GoDaddy to speculate, a tactic also known as domaining.

Now, buyers and sellers in the domain aftermarket have the ability to download the new GoDaddy Investor app, allowing them to watch and bid on domains at auction and stay on top of their current bids from their mobile devices.

One of the key selling points of the new app is its ability to provide real-time results of the auction, which are highly competitive and time-sensitive. Having the ability to monitor what is happening with their bids, as well as the bids of those competing with them, is a critical tool for investors. Since we are mobile and have our phones at our fingertips more often than our laptops, it makes sense that an app would be a better tool to provide this type of real-time information for those invested in the outcome.

"We worked closely with our domain investors to bring the same great investing experience to mobile that they've enjoyed on desktop for years," Paul Nicks, GoDaddy's Senior Director of Aftermarket, said in a statement. "The new GoDaddy Investor app was designed with the timely nature of domain bids in mind, allowing investors to register valuable pre-owned domain names, win more auctions and keep a closer eye on their bids, no matter where they are."

GoDaddy Investor offers several additional features not previously available. Once the app is downloaded, domain investors are able to monitor a list of active aftermarket domain names up for auction as people bid. The dashboard shows at a glance, how many auctions investors have won, bid on, or are watching overall.

Investors are also able to see the auction history for each domain, including the number of bidders and the prices of their bids, which is helpful in making decisions about how to bid. They can also place proxy bids and securely re-authenticate with their auction PIN or Touch ID (for Apple devices). Since auctions are won or lost in an instant, push notifications are another important feature included in GoDaddy Investor. The app will immediately alert investors when they’ve been outbid on auctions that are ending soon, making the process of monitoring bids much easier.

The app is available on iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 and above) and Android phones (4.1 and above) in English-speaking markets. For more on this domain and web host provider you can read our GoDaddy review.