Everyone is worried about losing weight to look good on the beach. But how about going to the beach to lose weight?

Threw you for a loop with that one, didn't I?

Here are a few suggestions for keeping fit while enjoying the sunny summer weather in the sand:

  • Go for a run. It's a classic for a reason – few things give you a tough-as-nails workout like jogging in the sand. And not only does it burn more calories than a run on the treadmill or on asphalt, it also has the added benefits of being easier on your joints and forcing your muscles to work harder in order to compensate for the shifting sand. It's a win-win-win.
  • Dive in. Swimming is an excellent cardio workout, and let's face it – going for a dip in the sea is way more fun than swimming laps at the gym. You can even spice it up a little with snorkeling or, if you're in the right location, scuba diving. Alternate between using just arms, just legs, and both arms and legs for the most complete workout possible.
  • Turn your dog into a personal trainer. Take your pup for a walk along the water. Toss around a ball. Go for runs in the surf. Anything that keeps you active – like playing with man's best friend – but doesn't feel like work is a perfect workout strategy.
  • Play volleyball. Why? Here's why: 1) It's fun, 2) It keeps you fit, and 3) You look sexy while doing it. You may not reach Top Gun levels of volleyball mastery, but it's still a great way to get a workout while enjoying the beautiful summer weather, the company of friends, and the intrigued stares from sexy strangers.
  • Crack out the Frisbee. Sure, so it's not as sexy as volleyball, but it's just as fun to play. It may not burn the hefty number of calories that running in the sand, swimming laps, or playing volleyball does, but getting on your feet is always better than spending the afternoon working on your tan. Any exercise is good exercise!
  • Surf. See how toned those surfers are? Yeah, it's for a reason. Surfing takes an incredible amount of strength and stamina. Surfing works out your shoulders, legs, and core, thanks to the instability of the board, all that paddling, and that challenge of staying upright against the force of crashing waves.
  • Build a sandcastle. OK, so it's not really a workout... but it's fun. And it's still better than laying around on a towel, soaking up cancer-causing rays. Besides, hauling around all that damp sand has to give your arms a little bit of exercise, right?!

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