Since Review Chatter requires users to create an account to add reviews or comments to our product and service listings we decided to make this process easier by adding the ability for our visitors to create a Review Chatter Account by linking their favorite social media account via either Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. This process is secure and is the same one used by other popular websites. It also doesn't happen automatically and you must give permission for Review Chatter to retrieve your name, avatar image, and email address if available.

If your email address is not available you will have to provide one on a form that will be displayed after you click on the social media icon on our login form when you register. We need your email address to help prove you are a real person and to send you any information regarding your Review Chatter account. Review Chatter will never sell or give away any of our user email address's. They will be kept private and secure. For more information please read the Review Chatter Privacy Policy.

We also do not use this information you provide to post on your social media wall, time line, etc. In fact, we can't do that unless exact permission is given (which we don't ask for anyways).

In the future we may add other social media accounts like LinkedIn, Meetup, Amazon, Windows, Instagram, and others depending on the requests we get from visitors.

When you create your Review Chatter account via our Social Media links, this means now that in as little as 2 clicks you can create an account on Review Chatter! Smile