It has been a long road and a lot of hard work but we finally feel that Review Chatter is at a point where we can have an official launch. The website layout has been finalized for a while now and we have mainly been busy adding in new content. We now have more than enough detailed listings and Editor reviews available online that will allow our visitors to make informed decisions on products and services found all over the internet. Part of the power of Review Chatter is the ability to compare multiple products along with their large number of attributes to make it easy for our visitors to find the best prices and features.

The one thing we are short on are user reviews. We just need to entice our readers to leave informed reviews on their thoughts and feelings about the products and services they have used. Hopefully this shouldn't be to hard. Laughing

Don't worry this is just a starting point for Review Chatter.  We have a number of new product and service categories we are exploring and many more listings we would like to add. This is an on going project so you can expect you information added daily. We also expect in the near future to add in a forum (among other features) to allow for more user interaction and information exchange.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who helped us get the site to this point. Your help has been really appreciated and we know our future visitors will learn to appreciate all of your hard work.