EZContacts - How long after placing an order for contacts does it get shipped?

2 years 7 months ago #420 by Anonymous
So I am sure I am not alone in this question... I placed an order last week and have waited and nothing has happened. How long after placing an order for contacts at ezcontacts does it get fullfilled?
2 years 7 months ago #421 by Anonymous
I am having the same issue but it has been 2 weeks for me and I had ordered contact lenses.

I sent customer service an email and this is there reply:

We apologize for the inconvenience. The contact lenses that you ordered were actually not available at our warehouse when you placed the order. Instead of waiting for our stocks to arrive, we have requested our distributor to send the contacts directly to you to shorten the delay.

I am asking myself 3 questions:

1. It showed that they were in stock when I placed my order.
2. I still haven't received anything about my order being fulfilled since the initial order
3. If it is being shipped directly from the distributor, why am I still waiting?

I don't think I will place another order with ezcontacts. I have ordered from them before without problems but this is getting ridiculous. I have now run out of contacts and have to wear an old pair of glasses that have an outdated prescription.
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