Nevi - Poked in the eye

1 year 3 months ago #432 by Adrian
Nevi - Poked in the eye was created by Adrian

I had an eye test done today and was advised I have a Nevi at the back of my right eye, which wasn't mentioned a couple of weeks ago (at another eye test - got a second test done at a different shop as my work pays for free glasses from this other shop!). It also wasn't mentioned at my last test which was around 8 years ago.

Anyway, yesterday I got poked in the eye quite hard my a piece of cardboard via my Son, as an accident. It hurt at the time, and is still slightly sore today.

I forgot to mention this to the person who conducted my eye test, but as it is in the same eye which she mentioned there is a nevi, I was wondering if it could just be down to this accident yesterday?

Is this possible?
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