Eye mystery. 7 year issue

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Eye mystery. 7 year issue was created by Anonymous
For approximately 7 years now my left eye has been bloodshot with my eye lid continuously swollen. I have been to several optometrist as well as ophthalmologist. About a year and a half ago I was finally referred to a cornea specialist. It was explained to me that this specialist was one of only two in the state of Mississippi. I have seen him several times now and each time he spends approximately 1-2 minutes with me with a student typically watching. He never remembers me and always is in a rush. In addition he always prescribes the same treatment, which i have tried many many times, with no success. He always says I have blepharitis, however most of the students disagree when he leaves the room. I have tried so many things and this is all starting to wear on me. I would consider myself a healthy clean cut young professional 34 years of age. May I also add thay it is and has only ever been in my left eye. Its very embarrassing and also has lately become increasingly sore as well as blurred vision in the eye. I have no clue what to do and have become somewhat of a medical mystery to most of the eye professionals in my area. Im willing to travel in order to find a Dr who will take on my case and help me find a cure and/or reason behind my issue. Please, any and all help and guidance is much appreciated. Thanks.
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