Recurring styes and blepharitis

9 months 1 week ago #536 by Robyn
Recurring styes and blepharitis was created by Robyn
Hi there,

I'm beginning to run out of solutions and hope regarding this condition so I'm trying my luck online.

I've been dealing with posterior and anterior blepharitis instigated by demodex for well over a year now. It's been severe at times, moderate at others and sometimes I have relief for several weeks until another flare up occurs.

I've seen multiple optometrists and ophthalmologists, have been prescribed multiple antibiotics. Even had one stye surgically removed. This problem seems to only affect my right eye.

There are several other measures I've attempted in order to manage this condition. Anything from vitamins, to tea tree oil, to changing my bedding every night, to cucumber slices and warm compresses. All of these treatments seem to only bring short term relief.

Is there anything I could still try at this point that might increase my chances of managing this condition more long term? Its honestly mentally exhausting and I am worried for my overall eyesight.

Thank you,

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