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3 years 9 months ago #71 by Ken
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I plan on placing a large order on vistaprint for a 3 thousand items. Before I place it will Vistaprint send me a sample so I can make sure I like the printing and the paper quality. I have ordered from them a few times before and have not had any problems but with an order of this size I wanted to make sure.

On the Vistaprint help page the only sample information they have listed is about the Business Sample Kit which contains a number of different business documents like cars and brochures in different stocks and finishes. They also have a Wedding Sample Kit as well for those of you who are getting married and looking to get some invitations made.

I think I will go ahead and get the Business Sample Kit since it is free as this will at least show me paper and finish quality and what the different ones look and feel like. This way it will help me better decide for my printed items and I may even save money this way.

It would be easier though if I could get samples of my own design though. Is this possible??? Should I call Vistaprint customer service?
3 years 9 months ago #72 by John V.
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Vista Prints sample package gives you a good overview of what their stuff looks like but if you are already have had stuff done then you should know they do a good job.

I don't they will send you custom samples unless your order is really expensive $$$. You could just order a few at first to see if you like it and then order the rest once you confirm everything is to your liking.
3 years 6 months ago #172 by Mike
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Not sure about samples but I just did a few boxes of business cards to evaluate VistaPrint. They were pretty fancy cards and everything came out nice, on time, and it didn't cost me much either. Plus the order wasn't mission critical or time sensitive so if things messed up I had a backup plan.
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