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Weight Watchers or WW (as it is easier to type on my iPad) I do enjoy. I don't go to meetings as I only signed up for the online version. Over the last few years thanks to working behind a desk and snacking my weight has increased by 10 pounds. I want to loose this weight which is the reason I signed up. I never have used WW before. 

The app and the WW program itself  is very easy to use and I fine the tracking of food and fitness part fun. It has actually made me pay attention to how much activity I do each day and what and how much I eat. I have greatly increased my activity levels and started developing healthy eating habits. This includes a lot less meat, sugar and processed foods with a lot more produce. Using the WW app keeps my exercise and food intake on track. I still eat what I want mostly but it is now more balanced.

One thing I notice with my increased activities is that I am getting more toned and physically I feel better. I really enjoy the activity tracking. I time every activity now for points and even chores like housework count which means my life and house have never looked better! 😄😄😄 I then swap these extra fit points when I have a high calorie day and have used up all of my food points.

I lost 4 pounds in the first month which is a healthy rate and fine with me since I plan this to be a lifestyle change and not a one off diet thing. In another 2 months At my current weight loss rate I hope to change the app setting from weight loss to weight maintenance.

I am glad I joined WW and plan to continue to use it for tracking after I have reached my goal. I hope my review has helped a few of you out there.

Really good app for tracking food and fitness
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