Fitness Gift Ideas

Wondering what to get your friend or family member who is really into fitness? Don’t stress, there are plenty of options for the workout fiend in your life. Instead of another pair of yoga pants, there are ways to get creative and unique when it comes to buying. (Or maybe you should consider treating yourself!)

Check out these health and fitness gift ideas:

Class passes.

For those who like to mix up their workout routines, and would rather not join a gym, yoga studio, dance studio, and hire a personal trainer all at the same time, Class Pass is a great choice. It taps into a network of more than 8,000 fitness studios in 39 cities around the world, giving its members access to a wide range of workout facilities from limited use (rather than having to commit time and money). It’s perfect for someone looking to dabble in a bunch of disciplines – a yoga or Zumba class, weight-training, or indoor cycling in different locations, so they can also see what kind of facility they prefer. It’s also a nice perk for business travelers looking to stay fit on the road . A base plan of five classes ranges from $40 to $75, depending on the market;

FitBit Surge.

A wearable fitness tracker that includes a wrist-based heart rate monitor, timer, stopwatch, and smartwatch features such as text and call notifications (in case you have to work while you run). There’s also a range of multisport modes to monitor specific activities such as running, hiking, and biking performance. Even when the GPS is activated, the device’s longevity lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. The price is $249.95 at

Fitness Belts.

Armbands and fannypacks are a thing of the past, thanks to new fitness belts that now prove them obsolete. One, the FlipBelt Zipper, is made of stretchy fabric can hold your phone, keys, ID, and cash, which comes in handy when you’re working out or on a run. Upgrade from the classic model to the zipper version, which features a wider pocket and extra security. It’s available in multiple sizes, and retails for $34.99 at There’s also SPIBelt, another skinny piece of stretchy fabric that can fit your smartphone, energy gels, keys, and tissues. SPIBelt Flex sells for $24.99 and has a headphone port and a little more room. (; also at athletic stores).

Foam Roller.

This might seem like a bulky, impractical gift, but for fitness-oriented people, it’s a lifesaver. Foam rollers help relieve muscle tension following a workout, and help prevent injury in the long-term by loosening up tough fascia. They retail on for $19.99, or you can find them in all sizes and price ranges anywhere that sells fitness equipment, including Amazon.

Gift card for a race.

Do you know someone who signs up to run 10Ks or half-marathons on a whim? They’re not cheap. One of the most thoughtful gifts for the fitness guru in your life is to treat her to a nearby race or run, so she can do her thing without having to shell out another $50-$100. Plus, the money usually goes to a good cause, like raising awareness for breast cancer. Do a little research and have some fun.


Pilates instructors and physical therapists swear by rubber bands for strength training and flexibility. They are simple and very effective, and a great gift for someone who doesn’t want to hire a personal trainer but could stand to shore up some arm or back muscle, for instance. These are available wherever fitness products are sold, including Amazon, and you can also look up fitness training exercises and print them out to help your friend get started.