Ancestry DNA Result Example, a leading website for genealogical information, tracking, and storytelling, has announced that it has tested the DNA of over one million people. What this means in larger terms is that people searching for missing family ties have a greater chance of finding new information and connections, whether it's discovering new cousins or finding your grandmother's long lost brother.

The Ancestry database has more than doubled over the past year, and through the DNA testing has discovered over 99 million connections of fourth cousin or closer. In fact, distant family members might be even closer to you than you think.

Some fun facts that Ancestry pulled together:

  • One in every 5,000 people is related to you
  • You might have 16 cousins in the crowd during a sold-out game at AT&T stadium
  • 2 of your cousins might be snapping photos at the Statue of Liberty on any given day, which sees around 10,000 visitors per day
  • A long layover at Los Angeles LAX airport would give you a chance to potentially see 39 of your relatives
  • If you finished first in the Boston marathon, 6 of your relatives would follow you across the finish line
  • If you visited Disney World, you could meet up to 10 cousins on the rides

It’s interesting to see all of our connections. Just this month, Facebook released a study of its own stating that we are all less than six degrees of separation from every other person on the planet – at least through our social network! In fact, we are only 3.7 people removed from anyone else – including Beyonce and President Obama.

But what does the DNA testing mean for Ancestry members? For those who are searching for lost family connections, it could open up a whole new realm of possibility for family members to reach out to long-lost cousins.

In fact, the simple DNA test has already resulted in changing some lives. A user of Ancestry named Wendy was able to find her long lost sister. The sisters, who’d never met before, chose to meet in Idaho Falls so they could embark on a trip together to Yellowstone National Park. Neither had been to Yellowstone before and the idea of sharing a new experience as sisters appealed to them. Wendy said: “AncestryDNA helped bring my sister and me together. It’s been an incredible journey.”

The DNA test allows clients to learn about their ancestry going back 500 to 1,000 years, as well as compare their DNA to others who have taken the test to find relatives. The test itself costs $99.

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