Online Fitness Programs

There’s been a surge of interest in online fitness programs lately, and it’s easy to see why. Online programs offer the flexible access that people are looking for, especially those who juggle work, raising kids, and other interests. Why not work out at 10:00 at night, if that works best for you?

This trend resembles the rise in popularity of Netflix’s on-demand viewing platform, where people can watch what they want to watch at any time – including binge-watching their favorite show. In fact, Netflix’s capabilities has completely changed TV viewing as we know it; we no longer have to wait for the final episode of our show-it is available when we want it.

It’s easy to see why people would want this type of 24/7 access in other parts of their lives. We are all connected digitally, so why not apply this connectivity to cooking, fitness, basket weaving, or anything else you might want to do?

Online fitness programs also offer something traditional fitness programs at your local gym don’t – savings. Online courses are traditionally a fraction of the cost of taking a class in person. Plus, you have access to great teachers all over the world, so you don't have to choose a trainer who is physically close to your house. You want to take classes in your old t-shirt and underwear? That’s a perk of online fitness, too.

While the benefits are great, and might be enticing to those who wouldn’t normally work out or join a gym, there are some downsides to online fitness programs.

If you are the type of person who needs a little hand-holding, this might not be the best option for you. Some people like to be in a class with the teacher present, to make sure they are positioning themselves correctly to prevent injury.

Plus, there’s something motivating about being in a room with others sweating through the same activity. There’s a shared sense of purpose, and maybe a little competition, which are both very inspiring.

Online fitness programs do involve a high degree of self-motivation. You have to be willing to hold yourself accountable, and to log in and take classes or check in with your trainer on a regular basis. Know what works for you. If you already envision yourself getting lazy and sitting on the couch rather than logging in to do a workout, then this method might not be for you. When you sign up with a trainer to come at specific times every week for your workout, it’s more difficult to ignore or dismiss.

There are plenty of options, so do your research and try one out to see how it works. There's no excuse for putting off your fitness routine. For more information on these services you can check out our online fitness programs category.