Jamie Oliver Partners with Hello Fresh

Popular British chef Jamie Oliver made a name for himself by teaching families how to eat healthier by making nutrient-rich and delicious meals at home. Now, the celebrity chef has partnered with recipe box service Hello Fresh to provide his own brand of healthy and easy meals, delivered to your home.

Each week one of Jamie’s recipes will be in HelloFresh’s subscription boxes for customers to try. Hello Fresh welcomes the new partnership as a complement to its mission of providing easy, tasty meal recipes along with fresh ingredients right to your door. The company stresses its recipes are time-saving as well, making the experience more convenient for the subscriber.

Oliver has introduced his own recipes for the Hello Fresh partnership, offering a variety of ingredients, spices and cooking tips for novice at-home chefs. His goal is to help customers expand their kitchen repertoire and palette as well as encouraging healthier eating.

“HelloFresh’s recipes are healthy,” Oliver said in a statement, “and the recipes are broken down really simply, so even novice cooks will be able to follow them and get a great result.”

Oliver has been a public proponent for healthy eating and cooking for more than a decade. He founded The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the Feed Me Better campaign to advocate for healthier eating habits among British children. In the US, he created a documentary series to help advance public school lunch programs across the country, so they could offer healthier choices to kids. In addition, he launched Food Revolution Day in 2012, with the goal of mandating food education and healthy eating in school curriculums.

Oliver’s recipes will be available in HelloFresh boxes once per week. Box subscription options include "Classic" for those who eat meat, "Vegetarian" for plant-friendly folks, and a "Family" option from those looking to feed multiple mouths each night. Like Hello Fresh’s current recipe collections, Oliver's recipes are easily prepared and can cook in around thirty minutes.

Some initial Jamie Oliver recipe examples that are part of the Hello Fresh offering include:

  • Sticky Asian-Style Salmon with Broccolli
  • Grilled Moroccan Chicken
  • Smoky Sweet Potato Chili
  • Oozy Courgette Risotto

The HelloFresh and Jamie Oliver Limited three-year partnership extends across six countries in which HelloFresh is active – the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Austria.

“For me,” Oliver said, “HelloFresh makes cooking from scratch even easier. Their delivery of ingredients straight to people’s doors is a hugely convenient way for everyone to try my recipes.”

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