Daily Burn Audio Workouts for Running

Popular online fitness company Daily Burn is adding another platform to its collection of online fitness programs: audio workouts.

Audio workouts are meant to help provide personal coaching to people during their routine workouts, whether it’s running, pilates, or yoga, to help keep them motivated and progressing. Audio workouts will include tips on posture, form, and when to pick up or slow down speed, giving users guidance through each workout.

Think of it as having a trainer in your ear, telling you when to pick up the pace, correct your posture or encourage you to keep going when you get tired.

Now available to premium members, Daily Burn Audio Workouts include interval runs (outdoor or treadmill), beginner yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning workouts, and core-centric sequences. They also offer quick meditations you can do every day to help you stay focused and centered.

The new audio workouts offer a more personalized spin, too. For instance, coaches give suggestions according to perceived effort level, like working at 60% of your effort instead of 100%, so it can be personalized according to how you are feeling on any given day. They also provide warm-up routines (squats and lunges) before going into cardio, walking you through the whole session.

The audio treadmill workout offers interval training, an exercise method that’s become popular due to its effectiveness in helping people lose weight and gain strength and endurance. Intervals include short high-energy workouts of 60,45 and 30-second sprints. The rest time varies, but the goal is to pick up the pace as the workout goes along, challenging yourself after brief rest periods.

This is also helpful to those who like to train with a treadmill but don’t want to check their watches every 30 seconds or figure out when to do what. The audio workouts help take the guesswork out of training and create a more consistent, reliable training program.

Online fitness apps and training programs have gained popularity, with their flexibility and convenience preferable to commuting to a local gym to work out. Plus, it’s considerably less expensive than hiring a personal trainer.

Many people opt for expensive gym memberships in the New Year, but unless they incorporate it as a lifestyle change the memberships often go unused as the year progresses. Having online fitness programs available at all times of the day help people who might have more challenging schedules, too, such as those who work late hours or nightshifts.

Daily Burn provides workout and training sessions via Web, mobile and TV apps. They have thousands of workouts to choose from, making them one of the largest source of online fitness programs available today.