Black Friday has come and gone, and the days are running out for holiday shopping.

Are you still not sure what to get for the fitness freak in your life? Or if you're the fitness freak in the family, are you wondering what toys you should ask Santa for this year? Here's a holiday gift guide that's guaranteed to please all the gym bunnies and fitness fanatics this December:

  1. A juicer. Nutritionists have hailed the health benefits of juicing for years (and I'm not talking about the kind of juicing that involves needles). Juicing is a delicious addition to any weight loss plan, and it's also offers a host of other health benefits like increasing stamina and flushing toxins from the body.
  2. A body fat analyzer. Weight is only one piece of the puzzle. Plenty of dieters forget that things like body fat percentage are also important parts of any health plan. Many experts consider body fat percentage to be the best measurement of fitness, since it's the only body measurement that calculates the composition of an individual's body without regard to height or weight, both of which can be misleading.
  3. Home gym equipment. We've all had those days when getting to the gym seems like The gift of home gym equipment like a yoga mat or kettlebells means that you can hit the gym any time you want, all from the comfort of the living room. No more excuses.
  4. Cookbooks. Health doesn't come from exercise alone. Nutrition is also a vital part of any health plan. Help health goals along with healthy cookbooks or other guides to nutrition for weight loss and muscle gain.
  5. An MP3 player. No workout is complete without some high-volume tunes to get your energy pumping. An MP3 player, and the arm band that goes with it, is a great gift for anyone who likes a little inspiration while they're hitting the gym.
  6. Eco-friendly water bottle. The perfect gift for anyone who wants to go green. Go for something in stainless steel – they're durable, reusable, and totally environmentally friendly.
  7. Gift certificate for clothing and accessories. Buying clothing for someone else is always a risk – Will it fit? Will they like it? - so cut out the middle man and let them buy it themselves. No guesswork needed.
  8. Personal training sessions. An oldie but goodie. You can't go wrong with personal training sessions, unless you're giving a gift to a personal trainer...
  9. Wii Fit Plus. The intersection of health and technology, for the fitness fan and tech geek in your life. The Wii Fit Plus offers two personal trainers, four routine categories, and graphs that visually track your progress. Who needs a personal trainer after all?
  10. Sleeptracker: Sleep is yet another oft-ignored aspect of health. Make sure that the fitness fanatics are doing it right with a Sleeptracker, a device that monitors sleep patterns to make sure your sleep patterns are optimized for your health.

Looks like someone is on the nice list this year...