Last week we talked about what to get for the fitness freaks in your life this holiday season. But what about the genealogy geeks? Check out this gift guide that will win over any amateur ancestry researcher this December:

  1. A digital converter: A digital converter transforms dusty old 35mm slides or film negatives into high-quality digital images – all at the touch of a button. Many converters also come with software to crop or edit the photos and convert negatives into positives. A converter is useful, portable, and perfect for a genealogist on the go.
  2. A pen scanner: Another handy tool for a traveling family historian. Pen scanners either use the tip of the device to scan a few lines of text at a time, or use the full length of the pen to import entire pages in one pass. Hand held scanners can be used to preserve important documents, letters, recipes, photos, drawings, and even some small objects like coins.
  3. A digital voice recorder. One of the most important parts of any genealogical research is speaking with living relatives. A digital voice recorder is the perfect way to capture the one-of-a-kind stories that make a family history come alive. And it's not just the stories that will be preserved – a recorder also captures relatives' voices for future generations.
  4. A GPS: Seeing the sights that have impacted a family over the course of their history is a powerful way to bring the past to life. Gift your favorite genealogist with a GPS system to ensure they they don't get lost during their travels as they track down their family tree.
  5. Membership to a genealogy service: There's plenty of free information available online, but sometimes you just can't beat the quality provided by paid research services. is probably the most well-known site for genealogical research, but there are plenty of others available online too.
  6. Ancestry research software: Software can help streamline the the confusing process of searching for a family tree. These programs can perform a range of functions, from matching information with online databases to searching for similar name combinations. Some software even includes a potential problems report, that highlights dates that should be double checked.
  7. Custom family tree art: Once you've put the family tree together, what do you do with it? Custom art pieces are a beautiful way to celebrate a family's history and congratulate an ancestry researcher on the completion of his or her hard work.

This year, you can give the gift of genealogy.