Kate Hudson joins Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers (WW) announced that Kate Hudson, actress and co-founder of popular online clothing company Fabletics, will be its newest brand ambassador.

Hudson will be part of the company’s global marketing campaign “For Every Body” alongside Oprah Winfrey. The campaign is part of the company’s overall shift from a diet company to a “wellness” brand, focusing on what motivates people to want to lead healthier lives. This particular campaign will share the personal journeys of people with varying goals, whether it’s getting back into a fitness routine after a pregnancy or feeling more energetic, along with what approach works best for them. Hudson will share her experiences and encourage people to also share their stories for why they want to get healthy in 2019.

"Our members are the heart of our brand. It's inspiring to hear their real life stories and the reasons they want to get healthy – what they call #MyWhy," said Gail Tifford, Chief Brand Officer, WW in a press release. "What's interesting is that we've found many of these 'whys' are universal. Whether you want to get healthy for your children or for yourself, whether you want to feel confident in a wedding dress or feel empowered on the first day of a new job..."

The rebranded WW revamped its points system, implementing WW Freestyle to give members more flexibility in their diets. For example, fruits and vegetables along with a variety of other specific foods can be consumed without adding points, so people are encouraged to eat healthier but have the flexibility to eat the foods they enjoy.

The company has also invested heavily in its new digital platform, offering its online community as a resource for members (as well as in-person WW communities). Their recent partnerships with Aaptiv, a leading audio fitness app, and Headspace, a popular mediation app, allow members to access healthy tools in addition to the points system, so they can track and improve other aspects of their health.

Hudson has received some criticism for becoming a brand ambassador for what many still perceive as a weight loss company. She recently appeared on The Today Show to defend her decision.

“My struggle is not in weight loss,” she said in her interview. “Mine is about staying healthy, trying to stay focused and balanced.”

She went on to say: “One of the things about this new re-imagining of WW is it’s not just about weight, it’s about wellness. To me, it’s all about support, you always need a support system, whether it be a trainer, a best friend, an app. Everyone’s looking to how do you get motivated, how do you stay motivated? That’s the number one thing people always ask me.”