Sun Basket Meal Kit Service

Have you wanted to try a meal kit service, but find that your food preferences don’t make it feasible? Meal kit service Sun Basket is catering to pickier eaters with dietary restrictions, but how do they compare to the popular Hello Fresh and Blue Apron services?

Sun Basket offers an array of specialized meal kits, including Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and “Family” (kid-friendly) options. The company also advertises using organic and sustainable ingredients, another added value that sets them apart. Customers can choose options such as soy-free or spicy, if they have specific preferences.

As someone who was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, their menu offerings intrigued me, because they make it so easy to choose what’s right for me. Plus, you can go outside of your preferred meal plan when choosing your recipes each week, so you aren’t tied to Paleo recipes if you feel like branching out to vegetarian, for instance.

Sun Basket delivers their meal kits in an insulated box, with recyclable and compostable packaging, so less waste is created. The company also takes advantage of seasonal and locally-based ingredients so they are delivered fresh and add a little variety to your palette.

The service offers 3 meals per week for 2 or 4 people, or you can order a Family Plan for 4 people. Pricing works out to $11.99 per meal on the Classic Menu or $9.99 per meal on the Family Menu, so it’s competitive with Blue Apron and Hello Fresh pricing.

According to PC Magazine, who gave Sun Basket their Editor’s Choice award, customers can expect tasty recipes that are easy to cook, with pre-measured ingredients so no shopping is involved (similar to other meal kit services). Sun Basket meals are more creative and flavorful than other meal kit services, according to this review, but the recipe cards are a bit more difficult to follow and the sauces are often pre-packaged, so it would be difficult to recreate the experience.

Sun Basket is accessible for those looking for recipes and inspiration online. They have a bustling Instagram account, and a huge recipe database if you want to freewheel.

If you want to discontinue the service, you can’t just cancel or suspend your meal delivery online. You actually have to call, which is off-putting for some customers. But they offer discounts to those who join again.

Sun Basket is filling a hole in the meal kit industry for the growing market of consumers who follow more restrictive diets. Plus, it’s fun to have ingredients and recipes delivered to your door.