JustFab Customer Complaints!

3 years 9 months ago #83 by Miss Awesome
JustFab Customer Complaints! was created by Miss Awesome
I never agreed to become a JustFab VIP member. I bought a $15 shirt and found out I had was enrolled and have been paying a $55 monthly fee. A VIP membership should be an opt-in option, not an opt out option. When I bought the shirt I didn't realize the box was checked for the VIP membership.

This should be much clearer on the justfab.com checkout screen. Not happy. They better cancel my subscription right away and give me back the money.
2 years 9 months ago #260 by Juice
Replied by Juice on topic JustFab Customer Complaints!
How could you not see that you became a VIP member. They state it pretty clearly when you signup. It is really difficult to miss.

You can opt out of being a VIP but then you wouldn't get the cheaper clothing prices. That's their hook. You just have to figure out if it is worth it.

I did it for a few months and that was enough for me as I had gotten the workout clothes I wanted. I don't have any complaints.
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