Fabletics Canada now with US prices

7 years 4 months ago #191 by Nancy
I live in Canada and I just realized that Fabletics switched from charging us in Canadian dollars to US dollars. Apparently they can't figure out the currency exchange or something and now my credit card is being charged in US dollars and now I get an extra fee for the conversion. Never put anything in US dollars on your credit card unless you don't have a choice because a credit card exchange rate is super expensive.

I am going to cancel my account now as this is costing me a lot more money. Come on Fabletics you can do better!!!

After looking on the Fabletics FAQ it looks like they started doing this in January.
1 year 10 months ago #1537 by TH
Replied by TH on topic Fabletics Canada now with US prices
I’m ditching membership as well for this and now tax is added! Not gross from my credit. Boo here we start the slippery slop of all these types of …great at start and then flop companies
4 months 2 weeks ago #1614 by Bones
Replied by Bones on topic Fabletics Canada now with US prices
Same thing happened to me. They made up some lame excuse about how Canadian dollars are too volatile and they'd have to change the price every day or some bs. Also they are not in Canada despite being a .ca store so I expect I'll be paying duty. What I thought was going be a $100 purchase is going to be over $200 in fact. Im pretty choked and clearly canceled my membership but I also feel what they did must be illegal no?
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