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4 years 10 months ago #73 by Carol
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Does anyone go to the Weight Watcher meetings anymore or is everything online now, (called OnlinePlus I believe)?

I was on Weight Watchers years ago and the motivation from the meetings I got was really helpful in me loosing weight. I liked meeting other people in the same predicament that I was/am in. I see that they still have meetings listed on weightwatchers.com in my city. Are they still as fun and informative as they use to be?

I also see that Weight Watchers has personal coaching now and that they come to your home. That must be expensive!
4 years 10 months ago #78 by Mary
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Yup in our city the Weight Watcher meetings are popular. I meet up with 15 other women at our weekly meeting. It is very fun and informative.

The meetings are probably not as popular as before the internet where everyone had to enter tracking and points info manually into a journal. Plus, the only way to get information on Weight Watchers was at the meetings.
4 years 2 months ago #224 by Melissa
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They are popular where I live as well. Weight Watchers has a meeting and office in a plaza which is only about 10 minutes away from me. Over the last few months I have not only lost the most weight I ever have, I made a number of new friends.

It's been well worth it and I highly recommend the in person meetings as I found that with other people around I tend to be much better sticking to the point system and not over eating or binging.

At first I just used online tracking for Weight Watchers and while it is very good at tracking and explaining the point system I just found it wasn't a very good tool for motivating me. That is why I like the in person meetings. Nothing is better than talking with other people who are struggling with the same problems as you are.
4 years 1 month ago #230 by Jenn
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I've had good results with the weight watchers meetings I have attended. There are about 12 people at most of our weekly meetings with usually about 80% being women, not that should really make the difference. I go during the weekend which form my understanding is the busier meeting.

The WW app is important for organizing but nothing beats the meetings for person to person motivation.
10 months 2 weeks ago #836 by RGoldManning
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I didn't know that something like this exists
10 months 1 week ago #846 by Anne C. Franklin
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Interesting! Can somebody share more details of it? Do they have offline meetups?
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