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  • Anonymous

Hey Don -

This is a great question, but not easily answered. The quick response is - none of the DNA tests will tell you if you’ll get MS (or any other disease). That’s actually the GOOD news - your genes really don’t predict what illnesses we get as much as they tell us what we can do to support our health through nutrition and lifestyle choices so we can minimize any risk that our heritage may allow. The second part to this answer is, the genes that 23andme actually test is a moving target. Just recently (2018) they came out with a new data chip which reduced the number of DNA SNPs that are revealed. Not good for those of us looking for health information. There are other good companies too, so all is not lost. And please take the opportunity to learn about your DNA so your worry can become a plan of action. Believe me, I know how damaging the fear and worry can be - it’s why I do what I do now! Best of health to you!

  • Don

Does anyone know all of the diseases that 23andMe test for?

I am interested in finding out if I may get Multiple Sclerosis? Both of my grandparents got it (they are dead now) and I have been worried that I may get it eventually. I am in my 30's now.

Does the 23andMe Health testing really give you a glimpse of your possible future health?

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