Ancestry DNA Circles seems useless!

3 years 1 week ago #273 by Dukes
I took the Ancestry DNA test and I had zero DNA Circles. Have they supplied any useful information to anyone else?

My understanding is that in order to be eligible to be included in one or more DNA circles, a match has to have a public family tree and that tree has to be linked to their DNA. Plus you must also take the time to create a family tree by manually filling it in by using the Ancestry online tool. To auto populate your family tree you would have to become a member which costs $$ every month.
3 years 1 week ago #274 by Local
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These DNA circles are shown when you genetically and genealogically match at least one other person in a group having the same ancestor in their tree.

With the New Ancestor discoveries I have only 3 of them. I've looked and looked at them. If there is any connection between me and these people at all, it must be way back. I've followed all their lines back and studied the trees, and I can't see any connection.

So I am not sure of the value if it doesn't allow me to add to my family tree.
3 years 1 week ago #276 by jim
Replied by jim on topic Ancestry DNA Circles seems useless!
I thought DNA circles was pretty cool and has been helpful building my family tree. I had over 30 confirmed circles as well as many new discoveries. These discoveries are mostly uncles and aunts I need to add to my family tree.
2 years 6 months ago #318 by lee
Replied by lee on topic Ancestry DNA Circles seems useless!
I think they go by the name you give and less by the genetic marks. You give a polish name they will show you circles of slavic places. You give an italian name they will show latin circles ;-) White europeans all have the same genetic marks, there is no dna difference of a german or polish person or east russian or finnish person if they are the same race, nationality doesn't count. I wonder if you give them a chinese name and pay with a chinese name visa card but send them a german spit for DNA would they really guess that the spit is german?
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