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  • Marc R

I know very old thread, but wanted to share how I fixed mine.  There was a loud squeak and knock,  Fixed the knock by removing the roller from one foot pedal, and adjusting the plastic sleeve to reduce the "Play" in the left-right movement. (had to use a screw driver and hammer to remove and re-insert sleeve).  For the squeak, nothing on this thread helped, and nothing online.  I greased every roller, track, moving part I could find, and nothing, still squeaked.  After much time I found the squeak was coming from big metal part/circle that connects to the pedal arm (which in turn connects to the belt pully inside)  So first you remove the hex bolt connecting the pedal arm, and remove the arm.   Then remove the plastic cover using the two screws,   In the center of that, you will see a 14mm nut.  Tighten that nut with a socket wrench.  I mean tighten that ALOT.  It was only squeaking from the left side, but I did both sides to be safe.  Boom fixed.  Hope this helps someone.

  • Jim B

you saved me big time - found a loose Allen bolt - horrible squeak disappeared completely - owe you a big beer - much appreciated

  • Anonymous

My Bow Flex M3 had a high pitch squeak. Company recommended putting 100% silicone oil on the sliding roller connecting the foot pad to the frame. I did this and it worked. Please add this as a possible solution.

  • Bob

The rollers on my max trainer move slightly causing the whole machine to rock. The bolt through the middle moves back and forth. Is it supposed to move like that?

  • Paul

You think a rubber 'o' ring would wear out quick, I wonder if a metal washer would be a better alternative.

  • M.Solcia

I know this is an older thread but my M5 was also squeaking and I wanted to share how I stopped it. It was actually a very easy fix but took a little bit of searching to figure out what was causing it. It ended up being the rubber cover that goes over the retaining bolt that holds the pedal arm on the rotating shaft. If this rubber cover is pushed on too tight it causes the rubber to rub on the rotating metal cylinder which after a while will cause it to start squeaking. I simply pulled the rubber cap back a little to give a gap between the rubber cap and the metal cylinder. This simple fix stopped my squeak.
I know this might not be the cause of everyone's squeak but its worth a try and is very simple.

Same issue. When I move outside the pedal arm on the rotating shaft, the squeak disappears. I try your solution to pull out the rubber cap back a little. Thanks for sharing

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