My Bowflex Max Trainer Now Squeaks

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I got my Bowflex Max Trainer M7 last year and I really like the workout it provides. It took me a while to get use to it but now that I had I wouldn't switch to anything else.

The problem that just started to happen is that my Max Trainer is now making a squeaking noise (I don't know how else to describe it) when I use it. I don't see anywhere to oil so I am not sure what to do...

I have read the manual again I downloaded from Bowflex and it doesn't mention anything about squeaking and what to do about it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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From doing our review of the Bowflex Max Trainer we did run across a few user complaints about squeaking. From our understanding this most likely has to deal with the flywheel disk hitting the side. There are screws to adjust the fly wheel and tightening or loosing them slightly should fix your problem.

Consult the manual about the fly wheel and adjusting it for more information.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks that was the reason. It was the flywheel disk. After just a half turn of one of the adjustment screws the noise went away.

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Sweet I had the same problem as well after only 2 weeks of use with my Bowflex. Thanks for the quick fix.
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I am having a hard time finding any document that shows this adjustment. Can someone help?
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I have owned 2 Bowflex's. The original Max Trainer and now the M7. I find overall they are great machines but like all fitness equipment they do run into problems from time to time especially if not maintained and cleaned once in a while. I am not a repair man so if you are unsure of anything I mention here call Bowflex, else lets get started...

To fix squeaks on a Bowflex Max Trainer (this should work for the M1, M3, and M7) the first thing you need to do is make sure your machine is level. If it rocks take a look at the Max Trainer feet and loosen the locking nuts to adjust the feet so everything is evenly balanced and is in contact with the floor. The best spot to place the Bowflex Max Trainer is on a hard even floor so that there is not any give when you start using the machine. I also use a rubber mat to protect my floor and it also helps prevents static electricity.

If your machine is level and it still squeaks then in may be the spinning rotor disc brake inside the machine rubbing the magnet because it is not aligned properly on the shaft. To do this all you need to do is pull the 4 screws in the black plastic shroud cover piece on the right. Once you open that you will see a silver disc between 2 magnets. This is actually the brake. You will see that it isn't properly aligned if there is scaring on it. Take one one of the Allen wrenches that came with the machine and loosen the 2 Allen bolts underneath and reposition the disc. Once complete you can then tighten the 2 Allen bots up and reinstall the cover. Once the cover is on, test the Max Trainer to make sure the squeak is gone. Don't use the machine without the cover as that could be dangerous.

If the squeak is not coming from inside the machine and it sounds more like a rubbing noise then it may be from where the pedal arms attach. You can first try loosening the caps on the crank arms slightly as they may be binding a bit. If they still make noise try spraying some silicon to see if it helps. Don't use sprays like WD-40 on squeaks as these are petroleum base and could degrade some parts of the Max Trainer.

Hope this helps!
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