Should I perform an eye surgery?

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Should I perform an eye surgery? was created by Bumble31
My son is 9 years old. He often complains that he has a blurry vision when looking at distant objects. He mostly squints or partially closes the eyelids to see clearly. I have been noticing this for quite some time but didn’t pay heed to it because of my busy schedule. Headaches are very often for him, but I thought that would be because of the hours he spent in front of the TV and his computer monitor. I would scold him for that but he never listens.

Then I received a call from his teacher asking me to consult an Ophthalmologist. I should have been more careful after all his father is wearing glasses and these things tend to pass on naturally. When I consulted the doctor he conducted a basic eye exam and he was diagnosed with myopia, that too in a large extent. Now he will have to wear glasses for the rest of his life. I don't want that to happen. Wearing contact lens is another option but that too is tiresome.

I know of refractive surgeries such as LASIK eye surgery which is being performed successfully in many cases. I’m searching for LASIK surgery procedures. I‘m looking for clinics which perform the surgery in Boston so that I can inquire about all the details. I doubt that it can be done in such a small age, but then I have to prepare my son for that in the future.
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