Returning my glasses to Glasses USA

3 years 5 months ago #197 by Ed209
My new frames which I bought last month from Glasses USA don't fit exactly right and are a little tight on my face. I was hoping the tension would be less after I wore them for a bit or that I would get use to the feeling.

Well, I have not got use to it and it bugs me all the time, and the glasses are as tight as ever. I looked on the website and it states I needed to return or exhange them within 14 days with no questions. Well it has been almost 30 days. I sent them an email and have not heard back. I have used Glasses USA about 4 time before and am a good customer and have never had an issue like this before as my frames have always fit fine. Has anyone been able to return their glasses after the 14 day limit, and if so how?


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