Buffer issues with Daily Burn 365

4 years 3 months ago #217 by Luke
Buffer issues with Daily Burn 365 was created by Luke
I need some help here as my Daily Burn 365 videos keep buffering. I have been using Daily Burn for over 2 months now and haven't had any problems watching videos until last week. Nothing has changed on my laptop so I am not sure what to do.

If I don't get this fixed soon I will have to cancel Daily Burn because at the moment it is unusable.
4 years 3 months ago #218 by Cottage Jim
Replied by Cottage Jim on topic Buffer issues with Daily Burn 365
Are you using wifi? Maybe it is having interference like a neighbors wifi setup. This can happen especially if you are living in an apartment or condo.

Daily Burn videos stream in HD so you could also lower the resolution by clicking on the HD button in the bar on the bottom. Works the same way as a YouTube video. Doing this means less data is needed for the video which means less buffering so this may clear up your issue but also make the video grainier to watch.

For live programs Daily Burn also recommends using Chrome for best results. I use FireFox with out issues but that is something you can also try.
4 years 2 months ago #221 by Luke
Replied by Luke on topic Buffer issues with Daily Burn 365
Thanks for the suggestion Jim, switching to standard def did fix the buffering for the most part but I do miss the high def video. I live in a townhouse but I did recently switch to doing workouts in the basement. Maybe my WiFi can't reach down their as well though Netflix works on the TV okay. I am going to move my router a bit and see if that helps with the signal strength.
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