Blue Apron Freshness Guarantee

4 years 3 months ago #214 by Jilly Z.
Blue Apron Freshness Guarantee was created by Jilly Z.
Has anyone had to use the Blue Apron Freshness Guarantee?

As far as I can tell they are the only "meal kit service" that has a guarantee... which is really good or a cause for concern :blink: . I have read a few of the reviews on this site about Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and none mention people having problems with missing ingredients or ingredients that are not in acceptable condition.

I would hate for that to happen as all ingredients are important in the recipe and if one is missing or bad it could wreck the whole meal unless you happen to have a backup.

If something happens I hope the guarantee offers you a free week of the service and not just the ingredient because what good is that the next week.
4 years 3 months ago #216 by Franky
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I just started out using Blue Apron last week and I didn't realize they had a freshness guarantee. That is good to know.

I have only used them for a week and my box had everything in it that I needed. I actually got hooked on Blue Apron thanks to a friend of mine who has been using them for almost a year. He really likes the service and the recipes. He never mentioned to me of not receiving ingredients that were bad or missing. One of the reasons he likes Blue Apron is how fresh the ingredients are. I'll ask him if he has had any issues and post back here when I know.
3 years 9 months ago #271 by Will
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All of my packages were fine until the 4th one came. All of the special ingredients were crushed and unusable. They offered to give me $20 back on a $60 package. I'm currently fighting them for a full refund since the recipes were not usable without the special ingredients. I've exchanged about 5 or 6 emails with them and I'm working with my second or third customer representative. And pretty much seems like they're trying to put me off and hope I go away. The meals aren't cheap but they are convenient for someone who likes to make food from scratch but doesn't have time to plan a menu. I can't say I'm happy with customer service though. And if you read the freshness guarantee they really don't say what it is.
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