Calories for meals from Plated?

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Calories for meals from Plated? was created by Izzy
I was just wondering what the average range of calories was for a typical meal from Plated?

I know this will fluctuate as the meals contain different ingredients.

Plated I hear is the more healthy option of the available meal delivery services here in the United States. I just want to compare the number of calories with Plated, Blue Apron and HelloFresh (though I don't think I will be using HelloFresh for other reasons).


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According to our last review most of Plated's recipes have between 600 and 800 calories. HelloFresh is similar from 500 to 800 calories and we never did find a range for Blue Apron but it is similar when we took a look at several of their recipe cards. On each card it includes the calorie count for the meal.

You are correct Plated is know for picking healthy ingredients that come from renewable and environmentally friendly resources.
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