Blue Host or Host Gator? Which one should I pick?

3 years 11 months ago #2 by Joe
I am trying to figure out which web hosting provider to pick for my new website for my small business which deals with payroll. My web designer recommended Blue Host or Host Gator. He said both are about the same?

Is that true? Is there any reason I should go for one or the other?


3 years 11 months ago #4 by Cycle
I use Blue Host. Haven't had many problems and no downtime. Since you are just starting the website I would recommend just the cheaper shared service as you probably will not have much internet traffic for a while.
3 years 11 months ago #13 by Joe
Thanks Cycle. After prodding my web designer more he said Blue Host is usually his first choice as he hasn't had many issues with them over the last 10 years he has used them (not that he has had many with Host Gator either). I guess he likes to give options to his client so if anything does go wrong it gives him some wiggle room.
3 years 10 months ago #38 by Simco1982
My vote is for as well. I have used them for several years without any major problems.
2 years 1 month ago #338 by virpus123
Both HostGator and BlueHost web hosting are the unlimited web hosting services, but the thing that really surprises us is that the BlueHost uses the CPU Segregation technology to intelligently limit the CPU usage and memory allocation for every shared account to protect the over-usage of bad users. BlueHost is not only a company that simply resells servers, but have a large development team and investing millions of USD on developing new technology in every year. With the better focus and investment, BlueHost ensures the faster performance than most web hosts in the market.
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