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FramesDirect Review
(Updated: December 05, 2015)
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The great thing about Frames Direct is that they have both eye glasses and contact lenses. I wear both so this is very convenient when I can order both from the same store, which I generally do at the same time. My glasses are for everyday use. I put in my contacts sometimes when I go out at nights with friends, and when I play sports like hockey.

Selection for contacts isn't super important to me since the only thing I am concerned about is that the store carries my brand which is Acuvue (which Frames Direct does). I am picky about my eye glasses frames and Frames Direct does have a huge selection. When I do change prescription which unfortunately seems to happen every 3 years now, I usually get 3 pairs. 2 regular glasses and one pair of sun glasses. I like to think of myself as fairly style conscious so it is important to me that I have a variety to choose from. The virtual eye wear try on tool is also great since I have my own photo stored with my account that I can use to apply the frames I am interested in.

I also haven't had any problems with my insurance company accepting the forms from Frames Direct. It is one thing I don't want to have a hassle with.  I did about 10 years ago with another eye glass store which I never want to go through again.

Huge Selection, User reviews on individual frames, Sell contact lenses as well
Lens options can be slightly more expensive than competitors
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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