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November 20, 2015 5204
Beachbody On Demand Review
(Updated: December 02, 2015)
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Beachbody has been doing fitness a long time now and they have many celebrity trainers. There fitness video collection is huge and covers everything from strength training to dance aerobics. You will not get bored with the selection you get and with the low price, it is many times cheaper than a  regular gym membership and on par with other competing online fitness services.

With streaming videos their are some negative points. First off streaming from your phone or tablet doesn't offer a big screen. Hopefully you can mirror the image on your TV or use a smart TV with a web browser to access Beachbody where you normally do workouts. You also don't actually own the content but just rent it (this doesn't apply to premium content that you do purchase). This means when you stop your subscription you don't have access to the videos anymore unlike with DVDs which you own.

Great energetic fitness videos. Large selection
Not much nutrition info for some programs. No phone apps
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January 06, 2016
Do you know if you can you sign up for multiple free trials of beachbody on demand? Can I just use multiple email addresses?
March 20, 2016
I guess you could if you really wanted to but you would need multiple credit cards as a credit card is required for the 30 day free trial. You have to cancel the membership before the 30 days or they go ahead and activate the Beachbody subscription. It's actually not a bad price and better than other fitness streaming services like Daily Burn in my opinion.It's not something I would do though as the price is already pretty cheap and not worth the hassle.
2 results - showing 1 - 2