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July 09, 2016 7239
HC cancelled my new account before first delivery
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My neighbor sent me a referral code for 30$ off first order. This made the price drop down to the same price I pay for same exact service through BLUE APRON. I figured that I would try HC out to see if adding another service onto my current one or completely replacing BA with HC was a good idea. I’ve had some health problems over the last few years and my mobility and strength has made it difficult to do the most common of errands or simplest of activities like going to the bank or to the grocery store to go shopping. I had not had a chance to make it to bank so all I had was cash atm. My neighbor offered to let me pay him with cash and he would use his CC to sign me up. We signed up using my home address which is a mother-in-law apartment on my landlords property, aka “B” unit. His house has the main house number and my address is the same but with a “B” after the house number. I wake up days later to a letter from HC telling me that I can’t use the credit of 30$ to purchases anyorders  and that my credit card had been refunded and my account has been deactivated due to having “same” address as another customer. They didn’t try to contact me before hand to find out why or question any of this before doing so. So now I have to wait 7-10 business days to get a refund on my neighbors cc then wait to get the cash from him. Then wait till I have enough energy to get out of the house to go food shopping for myself. It seems that this wouldn’t be a problem for customers that are in a multi dwelling units such as apartment or condos. Many have the same house number like “61543 n main st”. Following with “A, B, C, D”  for the unit number. I believed my neighbor for a short time did the cancellation assuming that a company wouldn’t just take matter into own hands with out trying to solve the “issue” before making me feel as if I did something wrong and fraudulent. The worst part about situation was me pausing my order from BA for a week to try out HC and now not being able to have my order shipped for this week. Thank you to HC for taking advantage of disabled senior who is just trying to survive this rough patch of health life has thrower at me. 
The idea of having fresh food delivered to your home. Esp useful since I’m disabled and can’t go to store like I would like to.
Without warning or any communication they cancelled account and refunded a card that wasn’t mine due to me using cash and my neighbor used their CC
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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