Weight Watchers Points for Drinks

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I know that the SmartPoints plan from Weight Watchers covers food, I assume they cover drinks as well?

How many points does it cost if I have an ice tea which is my favorite or soft drink? I'll be hard pressed to give up my ice tea especially in the hot summar months.

4 years 2 months ago #223 by Anonymous
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It has been a while since I have used WW but if you use their tracking app you can find all of the information about food and points in it.

If I remember correctly tea itself with no sugar is 0 points. You can add an artificial sweetener like splenda and it will still remain at 0 points. Tea or ice tea sweeten with sugar will cost you 2 points.

Personally I would stay away from pop as they cost 2 points as well (non-diet). Plus they can cause you to retain water which is even more weight.

Just remember everything in moderation and you will do fine. If you have a sweeten ice tea once or twice a week and you keep it within your total points and exercise it will not be a problem.
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