Weight Watchers SmartPoints VS Freestyle Points

11 months 2 weeks ago #300 by Judy

I just finished all this research on Weight Watchers and their smartpoints system and I had decided to join in the new year after the holiday eating and now I find out they have released a new point system called Freestyle.

Has anyone tried WW Freestyle points yet and is the system better than Smart Points? The advertising tries to make it out so with 200 or so free foods that cost 0 points. There must be a downside to this though like loosing less weight?

Anyone with any experience with Freestyle points? Let me know if it is working out better than SmartPoints, the same, or heaven forbid worse!
11 months 1 week ago #301 by Grace
I hate the new program!!! feels like a diet vs. the flexibility of SmartPoints. They can call it "freestyle" but it's more restrictive in many ways and ridiculous in others. Corn and beans = zero points... that's ridiculous!
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