Struggling with weight, please help!!

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In 2017, I lost a total of 8stone 9lb.
Going from 19st 7lb to 10st 12lb.

I did this a very healthy way, balanced diet.

After my own wedding and a very busy 18 months I have regained 2stone 2lb and now weight 13st 2lb

I feel absolutely disgusting. I’m 5ft 4” and I really am starting to look big again.

I’ve tried to maintain my healthy lifestyle and get the extra weight off, but I just seem to be out of control.

During the week I’m always relatively healthy, I plan all my meals and make good choices.
But come the weekend; I’m out with friends drinking, making really bad food choices and I go wild.

I start each day determined to be good, but the feelings of hating how I look make me want to turn to food for comfort.

I’ve found myself bingeing large quantities of food for comfort but then cry after eating it.

I’m so scared of going back to my biggest weight, I really want to lose this 2 stone, but right now I feel as if I can’t.

What is wrong with me 😞
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I have mental health problems and FM, I used to struggle with my weight a lot but then I started having other health problems and I've ended up losing 8 and a half stone. In all honesty, I feel no better with the weight loss, I feel just as bad if not worse. The GP's aren't really interested, they seem happy that I've lost weight, don't get me wrong, I'm also happy with losing weight but my worry is losing it due to health problems..
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