Bowflex Max Trainer Noises Solved

1 year 8 months ago - 2 months 1 week ago #395 by DaleG
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I had three different noises that I had to solve on my BowFlex M5 Max Trainer, a popping noise that came from the rotating arm on each side, a hard thump that came from the right side when the rotating arm was at the bottom of the rotation and was starting back up, and a very irritating squeak.

First the popping. This was caused by excessive slop where the end for the pedal arm attached to the rotating arm on each side. You could see the arm sliding back and forth on the shaft as it rotated around. I fixed this by going to my local hardware store and getting two thin stainless-steel washers. I placed them on the shaft first, then the cylinder on the end of the pedal arm, then the washer and mounting bolt to hold it on. Be sure not to get too thick of a washer because it will cause the rotating arm to bind. This really quieted this noise down and is now 95% better.

The next noise is the hard thump on the right side. First take off the right cylinder, that is on the end of the pedal, from the rotating arm. Then take off the two screws that hold on the decorative plastic disk. In the center there is a 9/16" nut that holds on the rotating assembly. This was loose on mine and allowed the rotating assembly to rock as the rod was at the bottom of the rotation and starting back up the other side causing a thump as it rocked. I simply tightened this nut and this corrected 100% of the problem.

The last noise, the squeak, was harder to find but a very easy fix. It ended up being the rubber cap that covers the retaining bolt that holds the pedal arm on the rotating shaft. If this is pushed all the way on and comes in contact with the rotating assembly it starts squeaking as the metal rubs on the rubber. Just simply pull the cap back to give a space between the metal and rubber. This cured 100% of the squeak.

I hope this information helps others that are discouraged because their very expensive machine is making noises. I love the simple workout this gives but hated the noises. Now the noises are gone and I can workout in peace:)
2 months 17 hours ago #793 by Janette
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Your post was INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! Bought a used one and had that horrible thumping on one side. Tightened that nut and no more noise! Thank you so much for this post!!!!!
1 month 17 hours ago - 1 month 17 hours ago #815 by Holly
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I also bought a used one, and it started to have very loud noise. I recorded it on a video for YouTube here .

Can you help me identify if this is the same noise you described as thumping? I'm really sick of the noise now.

2 weeks 6 days ago #829 by Anonymous
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Thanks for putting that out there. It is amazing that so many people have these silly problems with a machine that cost so much.
1 week 6 days ago #835 by Krista
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Were you able to find a solution to fix this?
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